What is a Financial Explorer?

Financial Explorers are intrepid investors on a relentless quest for diversification and growth. Their perspective extends beyond their backyards and national boundaries. They don’t fear the unknown—instead, they reconstruct unfamiliar markets into long-term opportunities.

The world we live in today is complex, but investing internationally doesn’t have to be.

Recent data shows that although non-U.S. equities comprised 51% of the global equity markets, U.S. investors invested only 27% of their portfolios in international stocks1.

At Aberdeen Asset Management, our teams of highly experienced Financial Explorers search the globe for long-term growth opportunities. They live in the countries in which they invest and pair global perspective with regional focus.

From the Far East to the Middle East, we believe that opportunity knows no boundaries— so why should your portfolio?


1 “Global equities: Balancing home bias and diversification.” Vanguard, February 2014

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