The India Fund, Inc.

As a huge and fast emerging economy, India burns bright in investors' eyes. But without an extensive and experienced local presence, its volatility can seem overwhelming. That's why wise Financial Explorers turn to Aberdeen. Our intimate knowledge of India's people, businesses, and $2 trillion economy let us spot long-term trends early. We are keeping our eyes on what India's rising middle class wants, and how its business community will provide it.

Open your world with The India Fund.

See how the current share price compares to the value of the fund’s assets.

  • Net Asset Value Per Share $23.68
  • Market Price $21.41
  • Change (-9.59)%

As at close May 21, 2019. The NAV information is provided by the Fund's accounting agent. The price is as reported by the exchange on which the Fund trades. This information is unaudited and neither Aberdeen Asset Management PLC, its wholly owned subsidiaries, the Funds, nor any other person guarantees their accuracy.