Aberdeen Japan Equity Fund, Inc.

As the world's third largest economy, Japan is a vast domain for Financial Explorers to navigate. An uninitiated money manager will quickly be overwhelmed. Diligence and a clear long-term vision are needed for success. Aberdeen has a team of experts on the ground with years of experience. They understand the language and people of Japan and also its culture. This intimate local know-how lets them spot opportunities and risks and puts thoughtful investors on the path to long-term growth.

Open your world with the Aberdeen Japan Equity Fund.

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  • Net Asset Value Per Share $7.97
  • Market Price $6.88
  • Premium to Net Asset Value (-13.68)%

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Field Report

Investment idea: Aberdeen Japan Equity Fund, Inc. (JEQ)


With the third largest nominal GDP in the world,1 it’s no secret that Japan holds investment opportunities. But looking beyond the obvious, there are more interesting storylines developing in Japan that will likely continue to unfold for years to come.

The Aberdeen Japan Equity Fund, Inc. (JEQ) offers the opportunity to invest in some of Japan’s most renowned corporations, along with the newer companies at the forefront of its exciting future.

We believe China’s future lies in the hands of Japan’s robots.

Over the past several decades, Japan has established a solid reputation of manufacturing quality cars and consumer electronics. While the corporations behind these products may provide a solid risk-adjusted return on investment, we believe there are lesser-known companies in Japan that have an even greater potential for future growth. It’s only natural for a financial explorer to take a deeper look at forward-thinking trends in Japan to expose the bigger picture.

Few people are aware of the silent revolution unfolding in China. Until late 2015, the one-child policy caused the population of people between ages of 16 and 59 to diminish while younger generations spurned repetitive factory jobs. As a result, economic planners have been actively promoting factory automation.

With factory automation forecasted to rise, China is looking to Japan for robotics production. The Aberdeen Japan Equity Fund identified a number of companies that we believe are positioned for growth in this market. Factory automation is a recurring theme in the fund, along with the chance to invest in cornerstone companies from the electronics and automotive industries.

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For illustrative purposes only.

Projections are offered as opinion and are not reflective of potential performance. Projections are not guaranteed and actual events or results may differ materially.

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For illustrative purposes only


1 IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO), October 2015