Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund, Inc.

As home to the world's first, second, and fourth most populous countries, we believe the Asia-Pacific region should be on every investor's radar. But the sector holds long-term opportunities beyond China, India, and Indonesia. Investors know to look for opportunities both large and small but can get overwhelmed in places where change is the only constant. Aberdeen's years of studied involvement throughout the Far East helps us see it holistically and sift through the noise.

Open your world with the Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund.

See how the current share price compares to the value of the fund’s assets.

  • Net Asset Value Per Share $4.73
  • Market Price $4.07
  • Premium to Net Asset Value (-13.95)%

As of May 21, 2019. The NAV information is provided by the Fund's accounting agent. The price is as reported by the exchange on which the Fund trades. This information is unaudited and neither Aberdeen Asset Management PLC, its wholly owned subsidiaries, the Funds, nor any other person guarantees their accuracy.