Aberdeen Total Dynamic Dividend Fund, Inc.

Aberdeen Total Dynamic Dividend Fund, Inc.

Dividends continue to be an important part of an investor’s total return. In some regions, dividend income can exceed bank interest rates and high quality bond yields. We believe a disciplined approach to global equity investing that focuses on dividend paying companies may be attractive to many investors. We research thousands of companies that exhibit both high-quality business plans and attractive balance sheets. Our total return approach primarily seeks high current dividend income and secondarily, long-term growth of capital.

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  • Net Asset Value Per Share $9.58
  • Market Price $8.51
  • Premium to Net Asset Value (-11.17)%

As of close Apr 23, 2019. The NAV information is provided by the Fund's accounting agent. The price is as reported by the exchange on which the Fund trades. This information is unaudited and neither Aberdeen Asset Management PLC, its wholly owned subsidiaries, the Funds, nor any other person guarantees their accuracy.

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Aberdeen Total Dynamic Dividend Fund, Inc. (AOD)


Our dividend process can be bucketed into 3 categories – Core Portfolio, Known Dividend Events and Special Dividends.

Core Portfolio – Long-term positions that seek to capture qualified dividend income. These positions can offer more compelling income and appreciation potential.

Known Dividend Events – Review over 1,000 events that are known at least a month before the actual event. We analyze the type of dividend being distributed, potential position size and appropriate time frame against the overall portfolio characteristics and allocations we desire.

Special Dividends – More opportunistic in nature and analyzed on a company by company basis.